King Tomasz

At the grand old age of 39 and after sixteen hard seasons chasing Grand Prix glory, Poland's Tomascz Gollob finally struck gold this year, lifting the trophy at his spiritual home track of Bydgoszcz.

Gollob had secured the title at the previous round in Italy and it was just as well, because an ankle injury sustained in a motocross training accident in the run up to the final round, prevented him from completing his rides at Bydsoszcz.

Gollob has certainly been one of the most courageous and exciting riders of his generation and he continues to dazzle with his wild antics on the track. Although prone to the occasional spot of brain fade (such as wiping out Emil Sayfutdinov in Malilla this year) he showed remarkable consistency throughout the season.

We salute you Tomasz on a great achievement.

More fantastic photos from Michal Szmyd.


Norman Wisdom

Sir Norman Wisdom sadly passed away this week at the grand old age of 95. As well as being one of Britain's best loved comic actors, he was also famously "Big in Albania" as his were some of the very few western films that were allowed to be broadcast in the country during the harsh years of the Marxist dictatorship.

Just as surreal, is the fact that Sir Norman was also guest of honour at the 1962 Speedway World Final and is pictured at the wheel of the Wembley tractor behind bronze medalist Ove Fundin, runner up Barry Briggs & winner Peter Craven.

I love the concept of the winners of a major World Championship event being given a lap of honour sat on the bonnet of an old tractor, being driven by a comedian. Spraying lycra clad podium girls with champagne is all well and good, but sometimes you just have to keep it real and it doesn't get any more real than tractors.