Tim Beaumont

These fantastic digital art images were created by the talented Tim Beaumont. The riders featured are two of Tim's boyhood heroes, Chris Pusey (Halifax Dukes) and Scott Autrey (Exeter Falcons.) We have featured some of Tim's Flat-track images in the past, but it is great to see such a unique graphic style applied to speedway.



Speedway Vinyl

A while back, we did a feature on The Go! Team's 2007 album "Proof of youth" which featured a picture of a speedway rider (Andy Grahame) on the album cover artwork. A little research (messing around on Google images) has shown that this record is not alone in featuring speedway imagery as part of the artwork.

First up are UK rock & rollers, the "Wild Angels" and their 1970 album "Live at the Revolution." Are there any fellow anoraks out there that can identify the track in the picture?

For a slice of pure seventies cheese it's hard to top the cover of Phil Clarke's "Speedway Rider" from 1978. Not to be confused with the actual 1950's Norwich speedway rider Phil Clarke, this particular Phil has got it all going on. Shiny Weslake, White flared suit, Medallion, a couple of leather clad babes... This would be enough for most of us to break out in a massive grin, but Phil looks suitably unimpressed. If you're feeling especially brave, you can hear the tune by scrolling down the page on this Wombleton records link.

And now for something completely different. Amoebaassassin was a side project of renowned electronic music producer Andy Gray (not the sacked Sky Sports presenter and former footballer, although it's an intriguing thought...) Probably best known for his work with Paul Oakenfold and in particular the Big Brother theme tune, this 12 inch from 1999 was titled "Speedway Revisited". This is a record I actually bought at my local record shop (remember them..?) not because I particularly like banging trance music, but because of the heavily pixelated speedway racer on the metallic gold album sleeve.

I can't quite fathom whether "Stuart Collapse" is the band name or the actual singers name, but the "Aperture" EP of 2010 features the unmistakable Belle Vue legend Peter Craven racing over snow-capped mountains on the sleeve artwork. The video for "Motorcycle Disaster" shows the French rockers playing on stage with a projector showing vintage speedway footage in the background.

So there you have a guide to speedway inspired music (or at least sleeve artwork.) It's a rather eclectic mix to say the least, but if there are any other hidden gems out there, do let us know.