Race Face(s)

Ivan Mauger (left) and Ole Olsen at Costa Mesa, in the early seventies.


Dirt deflectors, who needs them?

Martin Ashby - Swindon & England


Fairing Well

A couple of riders in the UK are pioneering the use of a sleek new composite fairing design on their speedway bikes this season, in place of the traditional fabric covers that are usually used. The fairings are primarily designed to improve the appearance of the bikes and present a more professional and futuristic image for the sport.

They subsequently offer extra value to sponsors in terms of the actual available area, and the fact that they can be wiped down very easily between races. There are also a number of new safety innovations built into the design.

The modular kits are manufactured by Race Bitz UK and are available in standard fibreglass or carbon fibre. Laminated printed graphics are also available to complete the look.   

Pictured above at the Belle Vue press day are Ricky Ashworth (top) and Patrick Hougaard (below.)

Photos by Eddie Garvey http://www.etgphotography.co.uk/ 


The latest issue (we are up to number five now) of the mighty Sideburn magazine is now out. It is another lovingly crafted little production, packed full of dirt track goodness.

Almost certainly not available at your local newsagents, so take out a subscription, you won't be disappointed.



Check out this cool classic bike site and their feature on speedway.

Tron: Legacy

Scheduled for release in December 2010 (early 2011 in the UK) is Tron: Legacy, the long awaited sequel to the original 1982 cult classic. Filmed in full 3D and featuring the latest computer wizardry, the film is sure to be visually stunning.

The sound track also promises much, as elusive Parisian techno rockers Daft Punk are at the controls. Lets just hope there is a storyline to match...

The conceptual "Light-Cycles" featured in the film were created by German design genius Daniel Simon, who is best known for his incredible "Cosmic Motors" book.



Roof-top Speedway Madness

Grand Prix rider Jarek Hampel recently took part in a rather unique and spectacular publicity stunt in his native Poland, organised by who else but Red Bull... He rode his GM powered machine on the snow covered roof of the landmark Spodek arena in Katowice, powersliding his way around. It makes you wonder where else you could ride a speedway bike...

Photos: Lukas Nazdraczew/Red Bull Photofiles
Hell for Leather Magazine
Hampel Racing