The Fashion Police

At Keep Turning Left we like to celebrate all that is inspiring and cool in the racing world. But it can be fun (and somewhat disturbing) to remind ourselves of some of the horrific design crimes that have been committed in the past. This could become quite a long list...

Perhaps the guiltiest of all has to be Wulfsport. Previously confined to colourblind clubman motocross riders, their evil dayglo nylon creations gradually spread into the speedway world in the late 90's.

The riders MX style kit looked terrible, but it is the supporters merchandise that is truly offensive. Now admittedly speedway supporters have never been renowned for their fashion sensibilities, but the classic denim jacket with sewn on patches and metal badges, still wins hands down over these multicolour, fire hazard, monstrosities.

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  1. I'm so glad there's somebody else who hates Wulfsport gear. I actually know the man who owns Wulfsport - former Maico importer Bill Brown - and I often tell him he how hideous his clothes are. He just laughs cos it's made him a fortune! I nearly bought a Wulfsport jacket once, but then my wife reminded that it's just a dayglo anorak!