Speedway legend Mark Loram has reluctantly announced his retirement from the sport, due to on-going complications with a serious leg injury sustained in a track crash at Ipswich in 2007. Over the past couple of decades, Loram has established himself as a real fans favourite, mainly due to his incredible ability to overtake the opposition, which combined with his infamous inability to "gate," ensured that he was one of the most exciting riders to watch.

The highlight of Mark's career was undoubtedly lifting the Speedway Grand Prix World Title in 2000. Following his triumph, I can remember reading an article in one of the mainstream bike magazines about Mark and the journalist was knocked out by how chilled out and down to earth he was compared to the usual egotistical prima donnas in Moto GP who he normally interviewed.

We salute you Loramski for all the entertainment you have provided over the years, and wish you good luck and good health for the future.

Photos: Philip Lee Harvey (Top) Speedway Star


  1. Coincidentally, that top shot of Mark Loram was taken by Philip Lee Harvey (http://www.philipleeharvey.com/) on a job I was on with his for Top Gear. We followed hi around Europe for a week. What an eye opener. Mark Loram, lovely man, great racer. GI

  2. Its a great photo - most speedway photographers stick to the same basic formula and it would be good to see more outsiders having a go, with fresh ideas they would inject new creativity in the process.

    I bet that trip with Mark Loram was indeed an eye opener. Very few people realise quite how insane the top GP riders schedules are.