Aerial View (Part Three)

Completing our look at the speedway tracks of Britain, we come to the National League, formerly known as the Conference League. These tracks are all very small with the obvious exception of the Isle of Wight, which is the longest track in the UK.

Track data from the British Speedway Track Directory


  1. this has been a very interesting few posts.
    wouldnt it be nice to have a torun type track too look at from above!!.
    and the regular crowd to fill it!.
    here's hopin...

  2. Torun is an amazing stadium and last nights GP certainly lived up to expectations. It was interesting to hear Nigel Pearson say during the commentary, that Per Jonsson was involved in the design of the track and that the banked corners reminded him of the old Bradford track.

    It would be fantastic to have a similar facility in the UK (and even better to have several!) but sadly it seems a very long way away and it shows once again how far behind the Poles we are...