Last month the world of speedway lost one of its true characters. Kelly "Jellyman" Moran was probably the most naturally gifted racer of his generation, famous for his incredible balance and spectacular riding style. He was also somewhat infamous for his off track "party" lifestyle. It all ensured that he became one of the fans favorites, bringing a dose of Californian excitement and colour wherever he rode.

There is a fitting tribute to Kelly on the Moto Freako blog.

The Moran Brothers book by Brian Burford.

Photos by Mike Patrick

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  1. The fact that he gave me the time to chat, sign autographs and ask my name made him a hero, I still have that autographed photo too and I'm 45 now!!! There's a good letter in this weeks Speedway Star where a reader has quoted part of the epitaph from Bruce Lee's gravestone and related it to Kelly. "..the key to immortality is first to live a life worth remembering". I think Kelly has been granted immrtality, don't you.

    Thanks for the link again KTL,