Oval Racing Bikes

Some rather cool illustrations (by Des Penny) of the various types of oval racing bikes. These were featured in an old, out of print book simply entitled "Speedway" by Alasdair Domhnullach (published in 1992 by Empire Features.) The book looks at all types of Oval racing on two, three & four wheels and even includes a chapter on inshore powerboats which race on an oval course!

The term "Speedway" covers a broad range of racing and commonly means different things around the world. Speedway generally means spindly left turn bikes in Europe, banked Nascar or Indycar racing tracks in the USA and Dirt Track cars, sidecars or "solo's" in Australia and New Zealand.

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  1. I don't know whether you ever looked at the oldtimespeedway discussion list on Yahoo, but this post has started off a long and winding thread... just who is Domhnullach?